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Leonardo da Vinci said:"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."That's my aim too.


I am very hesitant to call myself artist,surely I am a painter, simply because I have studying painting since 1989. Painting to me is just a functional way to facilitate communication.
"Is not abstract art, is the extract "

Starting from the rubble, I pull out the fine details that I need.

I am not into ego-tripping, egotistical obscure self-expression, there is nothing intellectual about my work and, I don’t do spectacular “la Bella figura” look at me big arty thing.

I am fascinated by the idea of ​​breaking down language barriers by synthesized information; technically my job is to build a vivacious language that anyone can easily do in substitution of the abstruse speeches, that's all, nothing more .
....Oops, I wrote too many dull words.

by candida riva
In The Moon Light (watercolour)

1995 New World Theatre king's Road London
1999 Candid Arts Trust, London
2001 National Trust, Cambridgeshire
2003 Kaleidoscope London
2005 Lauderdale House, London
20008-9-10 Cafè Bar around London
"Because you know your own true worth and value, you never get upset if your ideas are not taken up."

Photo candida riva 2013
I put my face

by candida riva
Stria-de-Ruena (collage )

Drawing by candida riva
Studying Manet at RA 12/03/2013

by candida riva
The Independent N2 (mixed media)

by candida riva
Silvia Pregnant (pencil on paper)

by candida riva
Italian Harlequins (mixed media )

by candida riva
My Flowers (pen on paper)

by candida riva
Portrait of a Donkey (Pen on Paper)

by candida riva
Sunset in countryside (watercolour)


by candida riva
Monte Bisbino Oil on canvas

 Self-portrait   :
The piece of cotton represents myself; the chair, which I got from a church, is just a prop.

Candida Riva Lives and works in London since 1983.
Born in Rovenna, Cernobbio, Lake Como, Italy; worked for 18 years in the same company in a  studio of high fashion textile design, as supervisor in the samples department.
 1989 - training in Fine Art at Westminster Kingsway College, London,  followed up with studying History of Art, and study icons painting technique at Working Men's College, Interior Design scheme at London Metropolitan University, for one term. Continuous study on "The Treatise on Painting" by Leonardo da Vinci  based on the principle of geometry and maths , that what I'm using to compose images . 

by candida riva

The piece of cotton represents myself; the chair,
which I got from a church, is just a prop.